Front-end Web Developer
Job Opportunity at Joseph Michaels International

Posted on Aug 31    800-786-1099

Location: Sunnyville, CA
Job Type: Temporary
Job ID: W4125394

Looking for a Front-end Web Application Developer who is an active participant involved in the day to day activities of an Agile project delivery team. This role brings extensive and practical experience with the techniques and approaches required in delivering Agile projects using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and related browser technologies.  This Developer is expected to be able to rapidly establish delivery of working software and have a solid understanding of the disciplines required to deliver within an Agile environment. This developer interacts with Valtech clients to mentor, consult, and assist them in making appropriate technology and process decisions.


As a Front-end Web Application Developer, you will specialize in building high-performance, reliable front-end software to work with back-end systems and server-side APIs, creating the interconnectivity fabric of the platform and enabling the provisioning of a new and revolutionary class of services to millions of Internet users.


Position Responsibilities

·        Create web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and related browser technologies in response to UI requirements

·        Work in a complex environment, which includes set-top box development, which will have its own OS & browser and hardware constraints
·        Design, Develop, and maintain architecturally sound, modular, component-driven software applications

·        Support the implementation, UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and production release for the various products

·        Help shape requirements and tests that define acceptance criteria for project features within the UI

·        Provide direction to and mentoring for less experienced members of the staff

Identify risks that might impact the success of the project and mitigate those risks through application of experience and knowledge
·        Drive the design of software systems to meet defined acceptance criteria

·        Act as a role model and advocate for best practices around test-driven development, agile software development, and customer-centric software

Comfortable with collaboration, open communication and reaching across dev, qa, ops and other cross functional teams 

Work experience requirements



·        8 years of hands-on experience utilizing JavaScript for front and back end development of web applications
·        Prior experience working with Agile/Scrum methodologies

·        Minimum of 5 years experience in HTML5, JS, working with APIs, Single page web app, Driving metadata and managing UI
·        8 years of hands-on experience in software application development in a high performance and high availability server development environment

·        Experience using complex deployment environments such as a set-top box which has its own OS & browser and hardware constraints

·        Minimum of 5 years experience in developing web apps that are UI heavy, utilizing JQuery, JS frameworks like Backbone and Underscore and Node JS

·        Experience in developing Interactive games, Shopping cart (single page) and or Online media content

·        The candidate must be a proven team player with strong interpersonal skills possessing a demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects with varying priorities

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